How To Relieve Pain Naturally

by admin on December 17, 2013

Pain is inevitable in life. It can be caused by a lot of different things – it could be aging, injury, illness, stress, or depression among others. Fortunately, it does not have to control you or anyone. You can always choose to be proactive and manage your pain naturally by dealing with it in a positive light using the following relievers.

Practice Eating Better

Fruits and vegetables do more than just provide nutrients that the body needs to function well. They also provide antioxidant benefits that help fight diseases and anti-inflammatory properties that protect the body when you have been injured. For instance, foods rich in Vitamin C have been found to be effective shield against colds, respiratory infections, and reduce risk of rheumatoid arthritis. Foods containing Vitamin E and Omega-3 fatty acids are also beneficial for inflammation.

Needless to say, your choice of food has a lot to do with the severity of your pain. Always try to eat healthy if you are living with  acute or chronic pain. Try to eliminate packaged or processed foods which are high in additives that leave you with empty calories and only aggravate your condition. Limit your sugar intake and avoid artificial sweeteners that may only intensify your level of pain.

Practice Deep Breathing And Meditation

Breathing in and breathing out may sound pretty simple but very few of us use this technique to manage stress which could actually alleviate pain. A number of neuroscience studies suggest that focused breathing and meditation can help with chronic pain. So instead of thinking how gruesome your pain is, find a quiet spot where you can put your mind at rest, then slow yourself down and try to do deliberate, conscious breathing. This technique does not necessarily take the pain away but transforms your perception of your feelings, and makes your condition less painful.

A popular program which uses this technique is yoga. Other variations include walking meditation, guided imagery, mindful meditation, and transcendental meditation. All of which have been proven to work for relaxing the mind and body, and managing pain.

Keep Yourself Busy

This is another natural technique that is proven by many. Some people are known to have higher pain tolerance but there are also those who are simply very good at distracting themselves. Instead of focusing on pain, you can choose to concentrate on other things that you are highly interested in. Get involved with activities that can take your mind off your pain. Go for a trip, perhaps to the beach or try cooking, gardening, painting – whatever it is that highly appeals to you so you would get too excited to even think you are in pain. Your brain is actually very powerful and it can teach your pain that you are in control.

Take Natural Supplements

Other than prescription medication, there are natural pain killers that are deemed safer and healthier. Do not just take medications  though without knowing what they can do to your body. Ask your doctor about every potential side effect that your remedy can pose. If you are currently taking medication for another ailment, inform your doctor about it just to ensure that what you are taking is not making your condition more complicated. If you think your treatment is not doing you any good, refer to your doctor before deciding to shift to other brands or supplements. Only take pain relievers as directed even if they are made of all-natural ingredients. Overuse of pain killers can cause unfavorable side effects such as liver failure and more serious conditions.

Perform Regular Exercise

You do not normally exercise when you are in pain but the thing is, you may only make your pain worse as you lose muscle tone and strength in the absence of physical activities. Moderate exercises are known to release endorphins – the neurotransmitters also referred to as ‘feel good’ or ‘happy hormones’ that naturally block pain signals. If you are unsure about the type of exercise you should perform, seek your doctor’s advice to take advantage of this cost-effective natural pain reliever.

Alternatively, you can try the Melt Method, also referred to as the new art of self-care. It is a self-treatment technique developed by a nationally acclaimed somatic-movement educator and manual therapist. This technique is a combination of anatomical science and alternative therapies – an approach to pain-free fitness and longevity.

Where Can You Go For More Information?

The Melt Method is the first neurofascial technique that helps prevent pain, heal injuries, and eliminate unfavorable effects of aging and active lifestyle. It enhances body awareness, rehydrates connective tissues, and quiets the nervous system thereby restoring your body to a more ideal state.

If you want to know more about this unique and natural approach to pain then refer to our review on the Melt Method.

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