Are You Doomed to Have Lower Back Pain Forever?

by admin on December 18, 2013

I can’t say I’m immune to the general aches and pains of life. No, I’m not the victim of a workplace injury or other life changing circumstances. I’m actually just an everyday guy and it’s that lifestyle that’s becoming harder for many people. Physical pain can become chronic over time and eventually leads to “permanent” issues.

For a long time, lower back pain was accepted as a norm and untreatable. That is all about to change as I’ve researched the topic thoroughly and can recommend the best solution for treating lower back pain. What is it? Let’s find out.

Why Do We Have Sore Backs?

Long gone are the days when life was thought to be pain free. No, people shouldn’t have to endure any sort of physical pain in their daily lives, but the prominence of general pain is becoming more and more widespread with each day that passes. It seems that our increasingly sedentary lifestyle is the cause for the sudden surge in body pain.

We often find ourselves stuck in front of televisions and computers, and many popular activities require sitting for extended periods, such as going to the movies. It is wise to not get into these habits, but that is easier said than done when our lives are starting to revolve around technology. This can make it rather difficult to break old habits and make fresh, healthy choices. The problem is further complicated with the presence of pain as we’re unlikely to do physical activity while in pain.

Back pain can also be caused by injuries. Oftentimes, the workplace is the source of injury and back pain is often debilitating enough to stop working altogether (or change from a physical position to a less intense job). Doing this actually further complicates matters because idle bodies tend to become stiff, less mobile, and gradually build a restricted range of motion. Fortunately, there is a solution to all of this that I will reveal shortly.

How to Treat Lower Back Pain

For the greater majority of those experiencing lower back pain, it’s not uncommon to reach for over the counter medicines. General painkillers can provide short term relief that often gets individuals through the day, but can cause a crippling dependency on these pills. Over time, extended use of over the counter pain relief medicines can become addictive and will begin to do more damage than good.

It’s also not uncommon to look towards herbal therapy as a means to pain relief. Yes, there are herbs available that reportedly treat pain very effectively. Two of these are turmeric and black licorice root, which both have anti inflammatory properties and treat the cause of pain rather than mask it like painkillers do. The problem with herbal therapy is that the cost is generally significantly higher than many would be prepared to spend.

Also, the claims associated with herbal therapy aren’t recognized by the federal government’s drug administration. They sometimes aren’t the best tasting either! This can make people rather hesitant about approaching herbs and force people to reach for the more convenient, but harmful option mentioned above.

What Else is Available?

There have been considerable advances in the treatment of lower back pain in recent years. The availability of various gizmos and tools is staggering, but I can confidently say they’re not needed. There is a method of pain relief available that doesn’t require the user to purchase any unproven devices.

It is known as the MELT Method and its practices are based on those found in chiropractic settings. The program is also recognized by attendees of Harvard Medical School. It is well-reviewed and is available in both digital and physical books, which users read and apply the instructions to their affected areas. The relief isn’t just limited to the lower back!

One user was so overwhelmed by the program that she would confidently recommend it to anyone. Here is what she had to say:


Like her, I would have no hesitation about recommending the MELT Method to prospective buyers and firmly believe in the principles behind it. You have nothing to lose other than pain!

Read our MELT Method review to know how you could start living a pain free life.

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