With today’s very hectic lifestyles, it’s easy to see why many of us are stressed, overburdened, and living in pain. Fortunately, there are products that supposedly answer our cries for help. Nothing is apparently more promising than the MELT Method, though, but does it really deliver? Here you’ll find out how it works, what its advantages and disadvantages are, what actual users are saying about it, and where you can get the best deal should you decide to try it.

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What is the MELT Method?

Deemed as the new art of self-care, this method is a form of self-therapy that supposedly treats and prevents pain, heal injury, improve performance, and take away the negative effects of aging and active lifestyle. Users can treat themselves in the privacy of their own homes using tissue massage and stretching. According to its creator Sue Hitzmann, chronic pain is a form of “trapped stress” (that Hitzmann refers to as “stuck stress”). Massaging and manipulating the body’s connective tissue is believed to release these “traps” and restore the body’s natural elasticity, which in turn eliminates pain.

How Does It Work?

The technique targets the human body’s neurofascial system. While this term isn’t explicitly used in the medical community, programs such as this have caused the neurofascial system to become more commonplace in medical terminology. The term was first used in chiropractic settings some time around the millennium to describe the connective tissue in the lumbar and pelvic regions, which are found around the lower back. Chiropractors aim to relieve chronic pain in the lower back by manipulating the connective tissue in these regions. This system works similarly to this but extends the neurofascial system to all of the connective tissues throughout the human body.

When the neurofascial system is manipulated, the body’s tissues become hydrated and expel lactic acid alongside other bodily waste. These are the building blocks of “trapped stress” that allow our body’s aches and pains to build up over time. When left to dehydrate, our tissues become hardened and experience cellular damage, which in turn can affect surrounding muscles, bones, and organs. However, when rehydrated, our pains quickly disappear and the body’s natural elasticity is restored. This is believed to slow the ageing process and repair repetitive stress injuries.

What Will You Need?

You will need a foam roller and a small, soft stability ball to complete the techniques. These are not included with the paperback book or digital downloads, so they have to be purchased separately.

Will You Get Hurt?

This is one of the most common concerns expressed by individuals interested in trying the program. While it is a self-help treatment, there are several locations that offer clinics across the United States. They are mostly concentrated in the northeastern and southwestern states, but are gradually making their way across the country. Clinic participants receive one-on-one and group instruction to teach the fundamentals while under the watchful eyes of an experienced instructor.

Who Can Do MELT?

The program is essentially for everybody. Even pregnant or nursing moms can take advantage of this self-care method. Whether you are leading an active or sedentary lifestyle, sporty or not,  overweight or the contrary, have some chronic pain or recovering from injury, MELT is safe for you. It is great for achieving optimal performance and maintaining physical wellness.


  • Efficient. The program targets the root causes of pain so you can learn to prevent it and enjoy long-term benefits. It is proven safe and effective for everyone.
  • Easy to follow. It comes in a book which has detailed instructions and illustrations so you can easily follow the self-care techniques.
  • Convenient and time-efficient. No need to visit your therapist as you can do it yourself right at the comfort of your own home. By doing the techniques for at least 15 minutes at least three times a day, you will notice positive results.
  • Health benefits. It provides multiple health benefits from your flexibility, mobility, posture, performance, digestion, sleep, and overall well being.


  • Quite tedious for some. Although it comes with clear illustrations or photographs so you can easily follow the techniques, not all people have the patience to read or follow this sort of manual for self-care.

Real User Reviews

The following are a few excerpts taken from other MELT Method reviews.

Does It Really Work?

Based on research and users’ experiences, it is evident that the system actually works. The innovative techniques have scientific grounding and are quickly making their way across the United States. If you’re suffering from chronic pain and stiff, achy muscles, then this is an excellent remedy for your physical burdens.

The Best Place To Buy It

Nowhere else can you get the best deal on this program but from its official website where you can ensure your purchase transaction is safe and your product is genuine. It is also the most reputable source for the tools required in the program like the MELT hand and foot DVD, roller, and hand and foot self-treatment kit. Only from the official site can you also learn if there is any MELT workshop that is being held in your area if you wish to sign up and do this treatment with a certified instructor.

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